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    bible study

  • In Christianity, Bible study is the study of the Bible by ordinary people as a personal religious or spiritual practice. Some denominations may call this devotion or devotional acts; however in other denominations devotion has other meanings.
  • (Bible Studies) Post and discuss short Bible studies.
  • 1. Personal activity in studying God’s word. <> 2. A regular study of God’s word that is carried on with someone who is not yet a dedicated, baptized Christian, or with someone who is newly such, but has not yet completed studying the material the


  • A guild or corporation
  • Friendly association, esp. with people who share one’s interests
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bible study fellowship international

bible study fellowship international – True to

True to His Word: The Story of Bible Study Fellowship BSF
True to His Word: The Story of Bible Study Fellowship BSF
This gripping story history of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) begins more like an ending when an unknown, single, middle-aged, British-woman Missionary, was forced to flee China when Communists moved in. Grieving the heart-breaking conclusion of what she’d believed was her life-long calling, Wetherell Johnson’s journey home to England collided with a Divine appointment when five California women asked her to teach them more about the Bible.

She said “YES” and that Bible study with five women grew into an organization which exploded into a movement that now ministers to hundreds of thousands of students every week and has impacted the lives of millions of people in countries around the world including the Republic of China. Told through a big family photo album pasted together and held in place with a fascinating narrative thread, God’s faithfulness through His plans, will touch your heart and renew your passion for His Word.

Bible Study Fellowship (Day 13 of 30 days of gratitude Pool)

Bible Study Fellowship  (Day 13 of 30 days of gratitude Pool)
I admired my sister-in-law Susan for the commitment that she made to take a seven year bible course known as Bible Study Fellowship. It is a very structured International Bible Class. She would ask me to go but I just was not willing to make that kind of commitment. One day I decided to go to more or less shut her up. Welllllll I shut her up alright and now I am in my 6th year. I love it, but it is very hard at my age to put in that much study and work. So I am thankful for the different study Bibles that helps me get my lesson done each week.

Bible Study Fellowship International

Bible Study Fellowship International
BSF International Womens Bible Study Fellowship @ Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church on Wednesday – January 5th 2012

bible study fellowship international

The Bible - You Can Believe It!
This book is a defense of the accuracy and integrity of the Bible. It examines and refutes many of the most common criticisms that have been raised against the Bible. It shows that the biblical text is reliable and the text can be trusted.

Part One: Important Questions that need to be Addressed

– Can we trust the Bible?
– Should we question the Bible?
– Isn’t God so mysterious that there is not much we can know about Him?
– Wasn’t the Bible passed down verbally from generation to generation before it was written?
– Does God talk to men?
– Didn’t the men God spoke to make mistakes?
– Hasn’t the text been copied so many times it is unreliable?
– Didn’t the original text have contradictions?
– Aren’t some of the books of the Bible lost or missing?
– Don’t the Bible and science oppose each other?
– Does archaeology support the Bible?
– Does history support the Bible?
– Do miracles happen?
– Doesn’t the Bible contain some false and even harmful teachings?
– Doesn’t the hypocrisy in the Christian Church show the Bible is not true?
– Don’t Christians disagree about even the most basic Christian truths?

Part Two: Important Points to Keep in Mind

– God is the Bible’s sole Author
– The Bible accurately foretells the future
– God will prove Himself
– What the Bible is
– Conclusion